Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/2/13 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

So not much to report on this week. It was pretty normal, but there have been some changes in the mission that I don´t think I´ve filled you in on. First, everyone going home after September 2013 is getting an automatic, non-negociable 2 week extension to their mission, so my new return date is October 13, 2014. Second, President Johnson, the area president, has changed the number of times our investigators need to come to Sacrament Meeting before baptism to 5 times. With this new change you probably won´t hear about baptisms from me for about a month and a half, but here´s hoping. Third, our mission is going to recieve 50-80 new sister missionaries in the next year. With this news we will be recieving our first 4 American sister missionaries. This is big news since never before has our mission (or Mexico for that matter) had sister missionaries from the US. Right now President Hall is searching out the safest areas in the mission to put them. 

Really that's everything. This week was hard, but we are pushing through. Oh, we also had 4 members called as ward missionaries, so we are starting to have our own little Army of Salvation. This´ll be fun.
That's it. Take care everyone!

-Elder D Hill

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