Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/2/14 - Jordon

Well, this week brought some fairly grand surprises. Take a look.

On Tuesday, we got a text from one of our young men, about to leave on his mission, saying that he had someone for us to teach. We set the appointment for Thursday. The lesson went great. She seems sincerely interested. She said she would read and prey about the Book of Mormon and that she would be baptized when she knew it was true. YAY!!!  We only have one problem........she currently lives in Tempe.  It seems like all the investigators we can fine in that ward live in other areas/missions. We'll find one eventually...I hope.

Also on Thursday, we traveled a couple stakes south for some family history training. I found Grandpa on and attached it to his entry in FamilySearch. They have his birth date wrong on there though (Findagrave). Mom, could you see about fixing that.

After that our ride back decided to take us out for lunch. He was going to take us to a Wendy's far outside our area, but I felt it would be better for us to at least be within the stake boundaries (which happen to be my district boundaries) because we're not supposed to stop outside our area without pemission. Obedience brings blessings, right? Anyway, we decided to go to Costa Vida, within our boundaries. As we were leaving, a lady came up to us and asked us for a blessing. She identified herself as a member, and that she was going through a hard time right now. Not only were we able to give her a blessing, but the member was able to help her out in some other things she needed, as well. I love it when things like this happen. Had we stopped at Wendy's, we wouldn't have been where we were needed. Obedience certainly does bring blessings, to us and to others.

So, I'm having difficulty with something right now. I'll be honest...I haven't been able to call the office and tell them about going home in October, yet. For some reason I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm giving it to lots of prayer to see if going home in October is actually what the Lord wants of me. I'll let you know what happens.
As you know, I've recently had a blowout with my bike tire. I got it replaced. Next item in need of repair: My seat. I've included before and after shots. 

What do you think? And, before you ask...Yes, it's a sock. I couldn't think of anything to use to fix the issue, and I had a companionless sock, so I got creative. It saves me like $30, too.

Well, that's it for this letter. Transfer calls this Sunday. Aren't you excited?! Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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