Monday, February 17, 2014

2/10/14 - Jordon
Well, this week was was fairly uneventful/not much out of the ordinary.

We're still working hard to find people to teach. Our main focus for the moment is less active members. We're working with our bishops to do what we can to help them come back into the fold. As we understand it, the Gilbert Temple Open House receives about 30-50 referals for the missionaries each day. Thus far, we have received none of them. I'm certain that we'll get some soon. As for the members, they've caught missionary fire! They have been inviting all their friends to come to the open house. The consern we've brought up with the bishops is that we have all this excitement, but how do we keep it going after the open house is done. We'll see what we can do.

As reported last week, transfers were this week, and neither I, nor my companion, left. This means that at the end of this transfer he will have been my longest companion at 13 weeks. This is now my longest area totaling about 6 months at the end of this transfer. This worries me a bit. However, I trust the Lord will have me in the place where I can do the most good. I fear not the future.

This transfer brought in 11 new missionaries to the mission -- ten of them were sisters. Yes, that means there was a lone elder on the plane with them.  Quite the flip from when I came out (1 sister with a ton of elders). My how things have changed. I like it.

As for my district, there were only a couple changes. One of the Zone Leaders was transfered out, and so was one of the Spanish sisters. The new Zone Leader is a great guy, and was on the plane with me for the flight out here. As for the new sister, she was in the new group, and she doesn't speak Spanish...yet. She actually was called English speaking, but her trainer is assigned to the Spanish Branch here. Everyone, including her, is optimistic about her learning Spanish. I know this because of the constant use of the word "yet". Hehe. Good news for her that they also cover an English ward, so she's not going to be completely lost. I'm glad to have them both in my district.

This past week we got to go to the open house again. ^_^ This time in the day. So, day pictures this time. (pictures below) We went with one of our less actives and her nonactive and nonmember family. They really liked it. Only one week left. 

(Apparently, Jordon loves the stonework.) 

That's all for this week. We're loving the work we do, and we're striving to do all we can to be worthy of the Lord's Blessings. Until next time.

Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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