Monday, February 3, 2014

2/3/14 - Jordon
This week was fairly nice. I'll cut to the chase.
Transfers. We had our transfer calls last night, and guess what...I'm staying! ( Woohoo!)  Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I'm where the Lord needs me, and if he needed me elsewhere, I would be just fine with that. But, I am happy that I'm staying, and I suppose some of the members will be, as well, once I tell them. In addition, Elder Jewkes is also staying. So, it looks like we will be together for another transfer. Cue transfer 12-companion 11. Also, no change in my leadership assignment, as of yet. However, I can see a possible area rearrange happening. Our two wards both meet at 8:30am. The zone leaders two wards both meet at 12:30pm. So, potentially, we might be getting one of their wards and they might be getting one of ours. Better yet, we both are split between the same two buildings, so if we swap wards, then each companionship could have a single building. However, I can see a reason to keep my two wards together. We'll see what happens.
On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to accompany one of our investigators to the Gilbert Temple Open House. It was fantastic! Granted, it's the temple; they're all fantastic. But, the building is amazingly beautiful, and the Spirit was strong. Margaret, our investigator, and her parents really liked it. As you walked in, the spirit was instantly noticeable. And the deeper you went, the stronger it got; especially in the Celestial Room. I took notice that each of her parents immediately reached for tissues upon entering the Celestial Room. Something I liked was afterward we were talking with Margaret, and she mentioned that she felt something in the baptistry. She attributes it to a touch of vertigo -- looking down to see the oxen -- however, I question if it might have been something else. hmm... We'll see how this plays out.

Speaking of the new temple, apparently, they will not have clothing rental at the Gilbert Temple. President Nattress said he would check into what that means for the missionaries, but I think I may need to get a packet soon. The open house ends on Feb. 15th, the cultural celebration and dedication are on March 1st and 2nd, respectively, and after that I presume we will be going to the Gilbert Temple for our temple trips. I'll keep you informed.
Other than that, there's not much else to report this week. I really am greatful to be a servant of the Lord in this place at this time. I know that he does head this work, and that, save the earth and all occupants thereon be destroyed, this work will not be halted except for by his hand. I love the Lord. I know that He loves me, and I wish to share that love with all his children that I may encounter. I know that Joseph Smith, in reality, did see God the Father and Jesus Christ, and that though him, they restored the true Chruch of Christ in it's fullness to the face of the earth. I also know that the Book of Mormon truely is another testiment of Jesus Christ, and that, by the power of God, Joseph was able to find and then translate that ancient account contained upon those golden plates into what we know as the Book of Mormon. I know that God lives, and that his son, Jesus Christ, also lives, and that though Jesus Christ we, too, will live again. I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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