Thursday, September 4, 2014

9/1/14 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

   So I've now got one transfer to go, and today, Elder Rodriguez left for another area. and now for the next 6 weeks, my companion is Elder Riveros from Bolivia.  For those keeping count, he makes my 5th Latino companion and my 10th companion overall in Mexico! (no picture yet, next week) It'll be a fun couple of weeks.
Also, yesterday, we had a change of Bishop in our ward, and the rumors are flying about other changes in leadership. On top of that we received another companionship in the ward, so now there are 2 missionary companionships in National 2 (I guess that's the reverse of Jordon who was 2 wards for one companionship.) To top it off, the services are going to start at 9 instead of 8. All that plus Elder Riveros makes it feel like a new ward here. 
Great experience of the week, Marcelino, who received the priesthood a week ago, blessed the sacrament for the first time this Sunday, and he got it right on the first try. He was super nervous because he understood that it was important to do it right and spent all last week studying the sacrament prayers to be sure he could say them. What made it cooler (and I didn't tell him this) was that, with the change in Bishops, the whole stake presidency was there with their families, and several other stake leaders; so the first time he did it, it was in front of EVERYONE!  But I'll let someone else tell him that.

That's the news for now. Nos Vemos!

-Elder D Hill

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