Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/8/14 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

So this week was alot of getting used to new things: 
1) New Companion, Elder Riveros (See pic 8470) 

2) New Bishop. (I did mention we had a change of Bishop last week, right?)
3) 4 missionaries instead of just 2
4) Church Starting at 9 instead of 8 in the morning.

So with all this, we went to work.  We had a lot of people in church this week. It's amazing what a change of an hour (and bishop) will do for attendance. We also went to the Temple Visitors Center again!  This Time we went with Marcelino, Gloria, and their family (their daughter Susana, her husband Felipe, and their 3 children) They loved it! It also turns out that Felipe is a member, but went inactive like 20 years ago, so we will be looking for his records to get them moved here. Susana and her oldest son accepted Baptism too! Look for their baptism photos a week or 2 before I come home.
September is also the celebration of Mexican Independence. So, in honor of that, I had this:

That's about all for this week.
 Nos Vemos!

-Elder D Hill

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