Thursday, November 1, 2012

11/1/12 - Jordon -

Hola, I'm doing well. I had a fun Halloween. As a missionary, It's difficult to actually be in a costume, other than as a missionary, and still be within the rules.
Picture 1: So, this was my costume. While here, I have learned how to make an origami shirt, so I made one of these, and taped it to a pointer I bought at the MTC Bookstore. (before you ask, I've always wanted a pointer for no reason other than it's awesome, and they have them for sale here, so I had to get one.) And, I held this shirt infront of me while I was walking around the MTC. I got some funny looks from people, but over all everyone loved it. At the end of the day, once we got back to the residence, I saw a couple elders Trick-or-Treating to some of the other doors in the residence, and I decided to join them for a short time. It was hilarious seeing some of the reactions we got. I love Halloween.
Picture 2: Guess who I found. Another Elder Hill. I have no idea where he's going or what language he's speaking, but I found him.
I trust you got my last letter, and I did get your package. Yay, Cheezits! and I love the picture of Elder P. Kin, haha.
(This one was sent to him from home.)
 I didn't really time myself, but I believe I was able to translate most of Dad's message with an exception of a few words in about 15-20 minutes by myself. It was a good excersize.
I haven't really been able to play soccer this week much. the field has been closed for the most part due to coldish weather. But, my goblins haven't really been at work. the field hasn't been as slick since.
Mi Español ha sido bien. I'm picking it up fairly easily. Now if only I could teach as easily. Here, the teachers pretend to be investigators and we take turns teaching them, in addition to regular classroom instruction. One of these investigators is named Tomás.  He's Atheist and we can't really seem to get through to him, but we're getting there.
I have been seeing Hermano Blackhurst each thursday, we normally ghave a short chat, but last week, we actually gave him a lesson. I feel it went well.
It's hard to imagine that I've been here for over a month already. It's gone by so fast. I only have 4 more weeks left here, and then it's off to the field. It will be an adventure.
No letter from me this week. I got everything said that I needed to.
I love you all. and I'll talk to you again next week,.
-Elder Hill-

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