Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/7/12 - DJ

Ok,  So just a reminder I really would rather you send me a letter via than e-mail. I only get 30 minutes on e-mail.

Hi everyone!

So firstly, thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I appreciate it. actually it was a pretty awesome birthday. (you'll have to bug my mom for the pics) [ See some below]

So this week we are going to be getting a new district so my class is going back down to it's original 2 teachers (we had 4 because of the districts merging the other week) because of this we (the missionaries in the district) are beginning to teach each other so as to give us more experience teaching other investigators.  We are supposed to role-play being other people and it was recommended that we choose a good friend.  Who would have thought all those years of playing D&D would actually help prepare me for a mission? Anyway for those that know him, when I'm an investigator, I'm playing my friend Devin. which is making it really interesting for the missionaries teaching me.

Just a fun fact for you, there have been more sister missionary applications turned in since the October 6th announcement of the age change than there currently are sister missionaries serving in the world.

A quick quote to share before I run out of time from Sister Diane Hacking (the first councelor's wife in the MTC presidency) said "if someone slams a door in your face, just say 'Oh, what a lovely breeze!"

Anyway I'm about out of time. Until next week,

-Elder David Walter Hill Jr.

 Below are some of the pictures for DJ's Birthday.  Those who want to see them all should log into his or my facebook page. - Jan

 Showing off the mylar balloon from brother, Tyler.

                   This package was a little interesting to open.  It turned into......

this.  Sorry it's fuzzy, he was shaking it!  The bottle didn't hold any soda.  It holds money rolled up in it.  He has to figure out how to get it out, and his pocket tool is home!

                          Use The Force, Elder!  His Jedi Master award.

The sisters in his district must have really figured him out.  Playdoh to keep him busy!

The elders in his district got him a new tie.  All the guys signed the back of it.

Blowing out his birthday candles.  Strange, I don't see 26 candles on that cake!  Many thanks to Sr. Blackhurst for arranging it.

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