Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25/13 -

Well, this week has brought several challenges and changes.
Transfers: I believe I stated that I was leaving Gilbert and Elder Gutierrez was staying behind. (He, by the way, was made District Leader this transfer.) So, my new location is...(drum roll)...Tempe! Yup, I got moved to the Tempe Zone, and my new companion is Elder Niederhauser (need-er-house-er). He's a great guy and is a lot of fun. I've noticed that our approaches to missionary work differ slightly, but we've been working through that, and are doing our best to serve the Lord in unity.
BTW, Headquarters did some changes, causing this transfer to be shortened by a week. So my return date is being moved up by a week as well. New return date: September 23, 2014.
Church News: You may have heard about changes in the mission to take place in the beginning of July. Or maybe not. But,apparently, they are planning to split Tempe Mission.  There will be two new missions added here. The Scottsdale and Gilbert Missions. So, I may be moving to a different mission. We'll find out in a transfer or two.
New Address: for my stay in Tempe, you can just send my mail to the mission office. I'll be able to pick it up each week.
1871 E Del Rio Dr.
Tempe, AZ, 85282
I'm out of time for today, so I'll write a letter explaining more.
Until next time,
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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