Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/4/13 -
Hola Everyone!

So this week brought about a slew of new things. 
Firstly we had another baptism, a little girl named Vania. Her mom is inactive and wants to become active again so this might just be what she needs in order to come to church again.  She has been inactive for so long that she had us give a name and a blessing to her second daughter who is about 5 or 6. In other news, a member of our ward passed away from severely advanced Diabetis. While he's in a better place and no longer in pain, it's still sad. The Bishop asked Elder Millerberg and me to help with the funeral arrangements. So overall it was an interesting week full of new experiences for both of us.

Oh, and Elder Russel M Nelson of the 12 Apostles came and spoke to us, and by us I mean all 6 Mexico City Missions and the Mexico MTC.  He spoke on who we really are; Specifically the blessings, rights, and responsibilities we have as the seed of Abraham.  What made this really cool is I had been studying the 12 tribes as part of my personal study and discussing it with Elder Millerberg for the few days before this.  He answered almost every question Elder Millerberg and I had on the subject, so it was pretty great.

That's about it. Bye Everyone!
-Elder DJ Hill

PS: Apparently I can receive letters by way of here as easily as I could back at the MTC.

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