Thursday, May 23, 2013

5-20-13 DJ

Hola Everybody!

So this week has been interesting.  New Companion, New Area, New Everything pretty much. I mentioned this all last week, but it´s good to review sometimes. Anyway, the area is pretty good. My companion loves to work, and the Members are awesome. We had some trouble finding new investigators, but it´s been good.
At the end of the week we found a new investigator named Eva. She wants to follow the example of Christ, but she is afraid of what her Husband will think. He really doesn´t have any interest in listening to us (he skipped listening to us to iron his shirts in the bedroom...) but she is super ready for the Gospel in her life. We felt the spirit strong during her whole lesson and super strong when she said the closing prayer. It was great!

That´s about it for now, Adios!

-Elder Hill
PS: attached are some pictures of my new area. Enjoy!
                                         If you look closely on the road, there's a horse and wagon and
                                         2 bikers pulling carts.

                                                       Our House (& the church)


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