Sunday, July 28, 2013

7-8/13 - DJ
Hola Everyone!

Well, this week had several things to it. First, we hit the rainy season. That means there is about an hour in the afternoon where we need to make sure we are inside if we don`t want to become soaked. (and that`s if we are wearing our rain jackets and using our umbrellas.) Next, President & Sister Hall (& the APs) decided to come visit our branch Sunday morning for sacrament meeting. This was my first time meeting President and his wife, and they had some funny faces and comments as they drove down the street to our meetinghouse. (That`s the street all the garbagemen/Garbage Dumps are on). But everything went great. The Branch loved them. Also while he was there, he mentioned that I was getting transferred, "but you don`t know that yet, so act surprised when the Zone Leaders call you with transfers".
So transfers were this morning. I am now in the Tenayo Zone, Juarez Ward. If you want to try to find a map you`ll probably have to look up Tlalnepantla (have fun pronouncing that one).  From what I understand it`s near the border of the Estado de Mexico and DF.  My new companion, Elder Muñante, is from Peru and has about 20 months on the mission. This Zone is one that became part of the Northwest mission with the boundary change at the beginning of July.  So it would seem that I`m getting the tour. My first area is now part of the East Mission. My second was right on the northern border, and now I`m in one of the 2 new zones. Lots of Fun.
In other news, the new mission president has a blog that you can follow if you want to know what`s happening in the mission as a whole.

That`s about it, I Included some pictures of some of the most awesome families from San Pablo (and one of the Ward Mission Leader) 
Nos Vemos!

-Elder Hill

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