Thursday, November 28, 2013

11-18-13 - Jordon

So, Transfers were this past Wednesday. I was staying, so I'm still assigned to English wards. I'm thinking I may be here until after the Gilbert Temple opens. (2 more transfers) Oh, well. I recieved a new companion this transfer as well. His name is Elder Mueller. 

 He's an interesting fellow. He is from Draper, Utah, and loves rock climbing. He's here waiting for his visa to go to Fiji, Fijian speaking, of course. Personality-wise, he is pretty much the exact opposite as my previous companion. He's quiet and very soft-spoken. I kinda see him as an empty canvas--he has much to learn. I think mostly what he needs, however, is just a little confidence. I hope I can help him. I'm sure I have a lot to learn from him,as well.
We've been sharing the Temple Presentation with as many members as we can. Unfortunately, no one has called us yet to show it to their non-member friends. We've been examining our presentation to the members to see what we can improve. One thing we're trying is being a little more direct with our invitation to the members to invite their friends to the temple open house/presentation as well as including a date to do it by. We have high hopes for this week. Our Elders Quorum President says he should have one for us in the next couple days. We'll see what happens.
This past Thursday we had an Expanded Zone Conference to which all the ward missionaries, ward council members, and any other missionary minded members were invited to attend. It was cool. We didn't have a large showing due to a conflicting event that night, but the Bishop and a ward missionary from one of our wards and the Ward Mission Leader from the other ward were able to attend. They all really liked it. Hopefully their enthusiasm will spread to the rest of their respective wards. There's another one tomorrow in another part of the mission, but those who missed the first one are invited to attend. We hope we can get a few more members to attend this one.
That's pretty much it from this week. The work here may be slow for the moment, but it's about to explode, I can feel it.
Mom: It's kinda funny that you should use that quote from Elder Andersen. That Apostolic Promise has been a big focus for us here in the Gilbert Mission. The mission office put it on a card (below), and we've been sharing it with the members to help them with their missionary efforts. Great minds think alike.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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