Monday, November 4, 2013

11/4/13 - DJ


Hola Everyone!

Firstly I`d like to say thank you to everyone that wished me Birthday wishes today. It`s been a fun one.  Generally normal for a P-day. but the members that gave us lunch (lunch is the big meal here, not dinner, we eat it about 2pm) gave me a "birthday cake" made out of 2 little brownie-like cakes and used a match for a candle. It almost went out before the end of "Las Mañanitas" (the Mexican birthday song); it was great. 
             from front left to right:   Elder Hill(me), Oscar, Seleene, Laura, Tonio, Elder Zapataç

Also my zone leaders insisted we do something for my birthday, so as a zone we went to "el Habanero." It`s a fantastic taco place here in  the zone.  So attached are pics of my birthday dinner (tacos al pastor con queso) and everyone that was there (almost the whole zone)!
                              Carne al pastor with one taco made (there was a separate plate of tortillas.)

 From left to right: Elder Osorio, Elder Ruiz, Elder Zamora, Elder Coello, Elder Hill(me), Elder Zapata, Hermana Benitez, Hermana Cano, Elder Ortolano, Elder Parker
In other news: the work moves forward. We had a great Stake Conference this weekend that was almost completely dedicated to the work of salvation. We had a member of the area Seventy (area leaders) who was funny and straight forward about how things should be done. One of the things I learned was that in the church, we do our training in the field. We see how it`s done, and then do it instead of learning it all in a classroom.

That`s the news for this week, Take care everyone!

-Elder DJ Hill

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