Monday, December 23, 2013

12-16-13 - Jordon

Well, this week may have been slow, but after the events of this past weekend, I am quite happy.
On Monday, We got together as a Zone and made "gingerbread" (gram cracker) houses. I took a couple pictures of mine. (See below.) What do you think? Isn't it awesome?... Hehe. When I was starting, I didn't really have in mind the finished product, so I just attached pieces where I felt like and that was the result. At least it was tasty.
On Friday, my district joined with our Stake High Counselor over Missionary Work to do some Christmas Caroling. It was a lot of fun. We met a lady who said that this was the first time she had ever had carolers at her house. This made me realize something. I think this was the first time I had ever gone caroling. hehe.
Saturday was the big one. on Saturday our wards each had their ward christmas parties. One at 2pm, the other at 6pm. in between them, I had the opportunity to help set up for a baptism that the Sisters were having at 5pm. Dispite the fact that it was another of my firsts (first baptism the new missionary had in my district), everything went well. The only problem was that, as District leader, I have a responsibility to make sure that the Baptismal Record gets to the Bishopric/Branch Presidency presiding over the baptism. Well, I had an appointment at 5, and when we reached 5, no one from the Branch Presidency had shown up yet. But everything worked out in the end. Just a bit of stress, that's all.
The most exciting part of Saturday, however, was the appointment at 7:30 with Bro. Carroll, the less active I've been telling you about...Let me back up.
On Tuesday, we weren't able to meet with the Carrolls because they were at Disney Land. So, instead, we made a visit to the Carrolls (Bro. Carroll's parents) who live in my other ward. We talked about their son and what could be done to help. They also told me something rather interesting. Apparently, when I first moved into the area, I had drawn their attention. Mom Carroll in specific. She just felt good about me. She said that Wife Carroll (LA Bro. Carroll's Wife) felt exactly the same. I knew there was a reason I felt the need to keep meeting with him.
So, fast forward to Saturday, again. We get to their house at 7:30, but the house was completely dark. We knocked on the answer. I paused for a moment, looking for guidance from the spirit for what should be done next, then we started to leave. As we're peddling away, I noticed that my bike was really, really squeeky for some reason. So, we stopped on the corner to see what could be done about it. After a moment of examination, around the corner comes the Carroll family in their van. It was a miracle as far as I'm concerned. I'll spare you the details of the conversation, but I have reason to believe that we're making progress.
Yesterday (Sunday) I was involved in the special musical number for the New Member Fireside that the Mission Presidency has every 3rd Sunday of the month. Dispite the fact that my voice has been a little under the weather recently, it sounded great.
This Wednesday is Transfers. Calls were received last night, and suspisions were confirmed. I'm staying. Elder Cox got approval to go back to Pensilvania, so he's leaving me. (I promise to get a picture with him before he leaves.) I did not receive any leadership calls, so I'm still District Leader and not training this transfer. More on Transfers next week.
That's it for today.
Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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