Saturday, December 14, 2013

12-9-13 - Jordon

Well, this week has been kinda dull. I'm more excited about the upcoming weeks.
We're still working with Bro. Carroll (the LA I mentioned last week), and he's still being a hastle. The sum up of our meeting this past week is that he asked us what are the three biggest reasons that we believe in the Church are. The first one we said was Spiritual witness. He has arguments against that one that I don't have time to explain here. The second point was in basically "fruits of the Prophet Joseph Smith," namely the Church and the Book of Mormon. He had arguments with that one too. And, actually that one comes down to spiritual witness, as well. The third point was pure personal testimony/witness. In the Scriptures, any time God gives a commandment to anyone, he always gives a set of specific blessings that are granted to anyone who keeps the commandment. He also says, in essense, "Prove me. See if I will do all I say I will do." I told him that I have done what God has commanded me, and I have reeped the reward. I have seen come to pass the things that God has promised. Up to this point any time we said anything, he always rebuttled, following which we had to remind him that we were short on time. After this one, he said that since we were out of time, he'd wait until next time to give us his arguments. And, then as we were going out the door, he was using up our time again. I think we may have stumped him a bit with that last point. We're hoping for the best. Could you keep him in your prayers to let his heart be softened?
Other than that, we didn't really get a whole lot done. One of the other missionaries in my appartment wound up with an infection in his leg and is confined to his bed, so we three "healthy" missionaries have been taking turns staying home with him, meanwhile the other two go out and work between the two areas. (5 wards between us.)
In the coming weeks we have some exciting stuff happening. On the 18th is transfers (5 week transfer followed by a 7 week transfer due to Christmas). On the 19th is going to be the Mission Christmas Party. Yay! Then on the 25th is Christmas. Still no word on iPads yet, but they say that Church Headquarters wants to have them out by the end of the year. I'm hoping to have it before Christmas, cause then I could theoretically skype you on there. If we don't have them before Cristmas, I'm making plans to go to Johnny's house like last year, although with the Transfer meeting the week before Christmas, I may need to go elsewhere. What are your time restraints so we can set up a time?
So, right now I look outside and I see early September. Mostly green with a few shades of orange. So, no, it's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
That's it for me. I love you all, and hope you enjoy my 23rd birthday with out me. I feel old.
Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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