Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5/5/14 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

So I've survived my first week out of the offices. This week has been pretty great. I forgot how much fun it is going to a new area. There is the typical chaos that comes with trying to quickly learn your area, the members, and learning to work with your companion (Elder Rodriguez is awesome by the way), but I forgot how much fun it is to mess with the members with the truth. To clarify, there are some questions that always come up the first time we meet members: where are you from? how much time do you have in the mission? How old are you? With this last one I ask how old they think I am? If they don't know I've got 19 months in the mission, they guess 19-20. If they do, they guess 21-22; to which the response is "higher". Their eyes go wide at 23, and they don't believe anything higher than 25.  Once we assure them that I'm 27, their jaws drop. My companion (who just turned 19 in January) loves it.  It's fun.
Elder Rodriguez
On a more spiritual note, we found a great investigator this last week. His name is Edgar. We were looking for members who haven't been to church in a long while and knocked on his door.  After he told us that the people we were looking for don't live there anymore, we started talking to him about God and his beliefs. He told us that he was searching for the truth, but it's just so hard with all the different religions out there. He was kind of partial to one religion because the pastor had been nice to him and invited him, but they kinda had a falling out over some things. After reviewing some of our beliefs we set up an appointment to come back on Saturday when he had more time (we talked in his door for half an hour!) When we came back on Saturday he was waiting for us outside his door and was excited for us to come in and talk to him. The lesson from there went great! He asks lots of questions which I love because it keeps me from falling into a pattern when I teach, And he likes to read, so we'll see how much of the Book of Mormon he reads by our next lesson. (He read the entire pamphlet on the Restoration including the questions in the back between Thursday and Saturday.)

That's the excitement here. For those wondering: Yes, I'm enjoying myself;  No, I don't miss being in the offices (though I do miss having a computer every day) The stress level is so much lower in the field that it wouldn't be worth it to me to go back to the offices, even for the computer. 

Oh, and it Hailed last Thursday.

Hasta Luego!

-Elder D Hill

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