Saturday, January 19, 2013

1/14/13 - DJ

Reports of my kidnapping, dying, or joining the Mexican Circus are highly exagerated!  Honestly, I didn´t get a chance to Email last week.

I made it safely to Mexico and had no problems coming in through customs.   The mission president and the assistants to the president were waiting for us at the airport.  From the airport we went to the Mission President´s home and had dinner followed by a training meeting and then head to our new homes with our new companions.
Speaking of, my new companion is great. his name is Elder Millerberg. He is from Utah (meaning he speaks English, too), and he has been out for 16 months so far. Our area is the Carrera Ward.  The members are awesome. We were double transferred into the area, so neither of us knew anything about the members or investigators except what was left in notes from the last missionaries; and that wasn´t as helpful as you would think.  We are doing well though. We´ve been able to meet several of the members and track down several of the less active families mentioned in the notes.  We started teaching one sister last Friday, and she already is excited for her baptism! 
In other news, where we are in Mexico City reminds me of Newark, NJ, except everyone is Mexican and speaks Spanish.  I´m learning fast and can understand them much better than I can speak it, but it´s coming.  The food hasn´t made me sick yet, although everyone tells me it´s just a matter of time. I guess we´ll see.
The work down here has a major focus on the Spirit. Our mission President doesn´t just want us to teach by the spirit, but to make sure to introduce him to the investigators when he shows up. It works miracles! More about that another week.

Nos Vemos!
-Elder Hill

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