Thursday, January 3, 2013

12/31/12 -

Hola Everybody!

It's been a great week.  Our investigator Latanya is on track to be baptized soon. She is just super excited and says she can't wait. While Brian (I mentioned him a few weeks ago) is being prepared, we don't know when he will accept baptism. He has some hesitation about being baptized so I don't think it'll be before I leave for Mexico. We spent a good amount of time this week seeking out others who are ready to receive the gospel. We found several people who might be interested, but the best is this this family. Christina, Renee and their family.  We found them by talking to one of their daughters while she was walking home.  We came by a few days later and offered to leave a blessing on their house, which they greatly accepted. They are so awesome.
So my big story for the week:  A few days ago Elder Cash and I were on our way to an appointment with this family.(Elder Jacobs was on exchanges with another set of missionaries at this time.) As we are going we see someone pulled over to the side of the road.  So naturally we stopped to help.  She just needed a Jump Start. As we waited for the battery to charge enough for the engine to turn over, we were talking to her and found out that her Fiance was an Inactive member of The Church, and that they had been talking recently about going to church.  So as she was asking God for someone to help with her car problem, who should show up but the guys in suits with the black name tags. She said she was taking this as a sign that she NEEDS to get back to church and said she and her Fiance were going to church Sunday. 
Now for part 2: after getting her car to start we went to our appointment.  We were about 10-15 minutes late. When we got there we found out that the Christina and Renee were out running errands. Just after that sentence was said, they pulled into the driveway, so had we not stopped to help out the first person, we would have been there long before they got home and we wouldn't have been able to have that teaching appointment.  So then we were invited in and we were able to have an awesome lesson. The Holy Spirit was super strong in their house as we taught, and it seemed to have touched the hearts of everyone in the room.  It was so great.
 Now for some photos.  We spent Christmas with the Cutler family.  They're super awesome, and Bro. Cutler has a real sword! (One of my favorite topics.)  

This was our Christmas card to our investigators.

I found the Las Vegas skyline at night a pretty sight.
Well that's about it for this week.  Not sure what opportunities I'll have next week considering that I'm flying to Mexico on the morning of the 7th. I'll write again soon.

-Elder Hill

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