Sunday, March 24, 2013

DJ - 3/4/13 -

Hola Everyone!

Well I´ve made it through another week in Mexico. Again we didn´t have any baptisms this week but we´re working hard and have some good investigators that will probably be baptized in the coming weeks.

One of these investigators is a Cuban lady named Rosa. We were brought to Rosa by a member that lives next door to her.  The member said she wanted Rosa to listen to us and left us at the door with her.  Rosa said she was Catholic and had no intention of changing, but after we said the opening prayer, she suddenly softened and listened to everything we said.  She even said we could come back Tuesday. Here´s hoping things keep going well.

That´s about all the news I have at the moment. it´s pretty much just the same as the last few weeks.

Nos Vemos,
-Elder Hill

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