Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jordon - 3/11 -

Well, this week has been kinda interesting.
As for your request from last week, picture (below) contains a picture of my companion.
Elder Niederhouser and I have definitely been improving this week. We haven't been "fighting" nearly as much, and we've been a lot more tolerant of our differences. Of course, we still have our quarrels, but we're working through it.

The work's moving forward. Elder Niederhouser and I are doing what we can to bring the people of Tempe unto Christ. This past week, we found someone who was meeting with the missionaries in Mesa, but then moved out here and lost contact with the church. his name is Job. We found him, talked to him a bit, and he's interested in meeting with missionaries again. Better yet, he wants to be baptized; he just wants us to tell him what he needs to do, so he can do it. This is really exciting. We went to the Visitor's Center with him on Saturday to watch the Joeseph Smith movie. Picture (below) shows us in front of the Christus. Myself, Elder Niederhouser, Job, and the one wearing shorts is Christian, our driver for the night. Unfortunately, we got there late for our appointment because Christian got pulled over by a police officer for making a stupid driving error, so we had to stop the movie early, about where the saints are being driven from Misourri. Kind of a moot point to stop at, but it was a great experiance, none the less.
Moogles (Final Fantasy)
Moogles are rather peculiar creatures. They tend to be friendly and are usually rather formal in speach. They like to make people feel welcome when they are visited, so they will usually conclude every sentence, or so, by saying, "You fit in." The unfotunate part of this is that they have a slight issue distinguishing between present and preterate tense. Cupo!

That about covers it for this week. The Lord has many great things in store. I just know it.
I love you all very much. until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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