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3/17/14 - Jordon

Howdy, everyone. I hope all is going well. News for this week includes: One awesome investigator, an amazing timing moments, dinner on friday, musical performances yesterday and this wednesday...oh, and transfers, too. So let's jump right in, shall we?
Margaret is doing awesomely! We were able to meet with her four times this week. Yes, four! We had a lesson with her on Thursday, we went to the Visitors Center with her on Friday. Saturday she came with us to someone else's baptism, and on Sunday we taught her in Gospel Essentials. On the days other than those, we talked to her at least once each day. Also, yesterday we were in the other ward, and Margaret had apparently over slept through Sacrament Meeting. We gave her a call, and she answered. even though she missed sacrament meeting, we invited her to come for Gospel Essentials anyway, and she came. She's awesome! she is currently on date for the 29th of March. Two weeks from now. I know she'll be ready.
In amongst our running around yesterday, we had to jump from one ward to the other and back again. If you recall, the both meet at the same time, so this can be quite a difficult task.We started with Freestone Park Ward Sacrament Meeting. Before it began, we arranged for someone to take us to Freestone Park Ward after the meeting, so we could teach Gospel Essentials. We didn't know that Margaret had over slept, but in our double checking that we were still needed for the class, we found out that she wasn't there. So we gave her a call. While I was calling her, a member of the family that we were having dinner with that night walked by and we were able to confirm dinner. So Margaret was on her way; we met her over there. We had an awesome lesson on the Ten Commandments, and then we stayed for the rest of Church. After church we asked our Ward Mission Leader if he could give us a ride back to the other church building. He could not, but at that point, we were walking past another member, and he said that he could take us. So back we went. When we got there, a member with a less active son was walking out of the building. (We ran into the son, Dan, the other night and found out that he had been kicked out of the house for reasons I'd prefer to keep confidential.) We talked to his father about it, and set up something for us to come meet with Dan. I love it when things work out perfectly. We needed to talk to a few people, and in between all our running around we were able to talk to everyone we needed to.
One more timing moment. On Friday of last week (Mar. 7th), I needed to use the restroom, so we stopped in at the Stake Center. Well, we just so happened to walk in at the same time Silver Creek was having their Blue and Gold Dinner. Several of the members invited us to stay and join them. So we did. As it turns out, there were some non-members there that we got to meet. (Actually, I had the opportunity to meet them at the Halloween party, but they didn't remember that.) But, we got talking with them, and they invited us to stop by their house some time. So we did. On Saturday (Mar. 15th), we decided to stop by and see how they were doing. As it turns out we stopped by just when the husband was about to try to move his motorcycle from the trailor into the garage. The battery was dead. So, we helped him move it in. Afterward he told us that he had been thinking about us and how much help it would be if we were there to help. I love it when that happens. when the timing is almost too perfect. We hope to gain their interest in hearing about the Gospel. More to come.
So, you remember how I sang in Sacrament meeting at the beginning of the transfer? Well, last night I had the opportunity to sing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" with some other Elders at the New Member Fireside. I got a recording of it. Much better sounding than the last recording. I left it at home though, so you will have to wait until next week to hear it. As for this coming Wednesday, I am set to sing "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" again, but this time at the Tansfer Meeting. I promise this time the recording will be better.
Speaking of Transfers, we did receive transfer calls last night, as well. I've got some good news...I'm still here, and so is Elder Jewkes. I've now been here for 5½ months. After this next transfer, it will make 7 months, thus making it officially the longest area of my mission. That being that even if I am transfered elsewhere, I won't have enough time left to out last this area. That's about it for transfers. Just 4-5 left.
Oh, yeah. I almost forgot about dinner on Friday. We had dinner with the South Family. Sister South wanted me to tell my mom something. So, here goes. "Mom, you raised me right." She was impressed with our manners and wanted us to let our mothers know. Thank you, Mom, for not giving up on me. I know I was difficult as a kid, but I apparently turned out ok. I love you, Mom.
That's it for this week. Things are going well. We're still struggling to find new investigators, but we're getting by. Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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