Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/22/14 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

So, as you know there were transfers this last week, And I´m still here as secretary.  I´m still in Politecnico and Elder Smith is still my companion.  So it´s another 6 weeks until I might leave. I guess this means I´m doing something right that I´m still here. [Pres. Hall says I´m gone at the end of this transfer.]
So Sunday was great! The Ramirez Family came to church. They originally were going to only stay for the first hour (sacrament meeting), but after they said "that seemed to pass fast, we can stay for the next hour", so they stayed for the Gospel Principles class.  Then they decided to stay for 3rd hour as well. It was awesome. They loved it. The Bishop teaches Gospel Principles and made a good impression on them.  Overall great!
We also are teaching an older couple. The husband just retired and is trying to adjust to being around the house all day.  It´s great with them.  As we teach everything makes sense to Elvira (the Wife) and as Ramon(the husband) expresses his opinion of how he thinks things are supposed to be, we find out his opinion is what we teach.  They are so ready to hear this.  They are just a little hesitant to change from the religion they have had their whole lives, but the spirit is working through their hearts and they agreed to come to church this week. We´ll see what happens tomorrow. 

That´s about all for now.
Hasta Luego!

-Elder D Hill

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