Friday, March 14, 2014

3/8/14 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

This week has been pretty good. Lets start with Sunday.  
The Family we were  hoping would come to church this past Sunday didn´t make it, however we did have an investigator there. A member from a few stakes away has decided instead of waiting for referrals to make it through the system to the missionaries, she is going to bring her friends to church, and even better, she is going to take them to the wards that they pertain to. So this Sunday she brought her friend Lilia, to our ward. I love finding new investigators in the chapel. Lilia has been a little difficult to meet up with during the week, but she told us that she would definitely be at church for the following week.  
Now, we also met with the family I mentioned last week. They apologized for not coming to church and after we had a lesson said that they would come this week. The spirit was so strong during the lesson, it was great!
Also a special thanks to all the Branchers that are reading this. After having problems with the mail system, I finally received my birthday card and all of your birthday wishes!

That´s all for now. 
Nos Vemos!

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