Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/14 - Jordon

Well this week was, perhaps, a little dull. Just a lot of the same stuff. Trying to visit less actives, looking for new investigators, following up with old know the drill. We didn't really have any awesome experiences this week, but last night at dinner, we had a discussion about talents, including one of their sons playing a song on the piano (semi-against his will, but he sounded great). I demonstrated how to use juggling to teach the importance of prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. We discussed the various talents everyone had, and we invited them to look for ways to use their talents to share the gospel with someone this week. We're following up with them next week.
We have this one less active member who is having difficulty coming to church. He told us this week that he had off work and wanted to come, but he didn't have any church pants to wear. We found him a pair from one of the members, and gave them to him. The next morning (Sunday) we got a text from him saying he wasn't feeling up to church. When we inquired as to the cause of the decision, he told us he was embarrassed that he had to borrow someones pants. (Really?! That's the reason you won't come today? ) We told him he need not be embarrassed, but that was, in part, what the church was for: to help our brothers and sisters when they're in need. He still didn't come. We're gonna talk to him tonight.

The repairs continue. This time it was my watch band that broke...or more specifically, the loop that holds down the extra part of the watch band. I fixed it with thread I weaved together like I would to make rope. I think it turned out well. (see below)

Alright, I'm sure you're wondering what's happening with transfers...but first something related.
On July 17th, our dinner appointment had Chinese food, complete with fortune cookies.
*A quick note about Fortune Cookies: I've grown to love fortune cookies. Throughout my mission, on various occasions we've eaten at Panda Express or some other restaurant with fortune cookies. Somehow, the fortunes I received always seemed to have application to what was going on. Interesting, no?*

Anyway, so when I was about to open My fortune cookie, I knew it was gonna be good. I opened it, read it, laughed, then turned to my companion and said, "It's official, I'm being transferred." This was the fortune which I received: "A new romance is in the future." (You may commence laughing now. ) Taking this in the same light as my calendar, I interpret it as I'm getting a new companion.

Oh, Book of Mormon Check in -- Today we finished Mosiah 16.
Due to the fact that Elder Cairns reads fairly slowly, and I figured it would be more fun, he and I decided that we would read aloud together...or, rather, I read and he follows along. We have found much enjoyment in this. Especially due to the fact that instead of just reading the book, I'm giving each person a different voice and personality. Before I start a new voice, I contemplate what the character might actually sound like, and try to be true to the nature of the character. Nephi was a rather fun loving, up beat person, and Jacob seemed a bit more solemn and reserved. Isaiah turned out rather doom and gloom. On a few characters, however, the voice that came out of my mouth wasn't quite what I had planned, but it fit the character, in our minds. Apparently, King Noah has a southern accent. Who knew?  (I wonder if the reason for the odd appearances of voices is because that might be how they actually would have sounded coming through my vocal chords. But, I can only imagine, however, that when I rejoin with these historic figures when I leave this mortal life, a vast majority of them are going to chastise me for giving them a voice/personality far from them. Oh, well.)

Which brings me to Transfer business...I'm leaving. Every one of the Spanish missionaries I have contact with asked me if I'm going back to Spanish. I don't know. However, we currently have eight Spanish Elders in the mission. (Trio in Gilbert, two in Queen Creek, two in Florence, and me.) One Elder is going home tomorrow (one in the trio), I'm leaving, and two other Spanish Elders are being transferred, as well. So, there is plenty of opportunity for me to go back to Spanish for my last transfer. (That, by the way makes seven Spanish Elders left over. I don't know if there are any coming in this transfer.)  However, if the Lord decides I'm still needed in English, I'm not certain what I should do with language study. I'll ask President about it should question be applicable.
By the way, for those keeping track: with the conclusion of this transfer, the score currently stands Spanish: 47 weeks, English: 48 weeks. This transfer will determine the winner. Stay tuned, folks.
That's it for this week. Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill, the Proud Spaniard-

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