Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/14 - Jordon

Well, this week was a little more desirable than last week.

We've been working with the ward council members; working to visit those whom they would like us to visit. It's been going alright so far. We went to visit this one less active family and found out they have two children who haven't been baptized, yet. (Megan, 18, and Logan, 9) However, neither of them is really interested in learning about the Gospel. However, when we mentioned cub scouts, Logan perked right up. He's excited to go. This might be an in. We're still trying to figure out Megan, though.

Also, we've been finding rather interesting ways to intro/teach certain principles to kids in a way that keeps their attention. For example, I recently taught the importance of Scripture Study, Prayer, and regular Church Attendance by juggling. Each ball represents one of them. by juggling 1 or 2 balls in a 3 ball pattern it looks incomplete. So, too, are our lives incomplete when we don't do those things. Another example would be that we once used the Three Little Pigs (non-Shakespearean version) to show the need for a sure foundation. We're getting creative.
Oh! Guess what...We got RAIN!!!! The first rain I've seen since March 1st with the Cultural Celebration. There was just one problem...Shortly before the rain actually started, there was a bit of a dust storm. (See attached picture) It wasn't huge, but it sure made the car dirty. I was happy nonetheless.

Mom: Back off? Why would I do that? Practically every time anyone asks me how much time I've been out, I tell them I've been "out here" for about 19 months, now. (No, it's not lying.) They comment on how I'm coming down to the end, and I respond by telling them that I still have some time left and I intend to make use of it. I have no intention of going back on my word.
Other than that. Not much to tell. We're still working hard, and we're starting to see results. Hope you all are doing well. Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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