Monday, August 11, 2014

8/11/14 - Jordon

Well, the transfer's half over. Time races on.
First I'll be honest, I had a moment of homesickness last week once we got "home" from running our errands. Tears were shed. And then finding out this week that no one even got the email, it was heart break.
On a lighter note, there were a couple baptisms this week; also not ours. One was for someone in the other district. He speaks Spanish better than English, but he wanted to be taught in English apparently. However, the interview he wanted in Spanish, so I was the one to interview him. The baptism went well. There were a few Spanish speakers there, and we got to talk momentarily with them. But, they all live in Mesa, so no new investigators for us. Oh, well.

The other baptism was a child of record baptism for our ward. It was scheduled to begin at 7 pm. Elder Vázquez and I were put in charge of filling the font. There was just one problem...I lent our font key to the Sisters for their baptism last week...and they hadn't given it back, yet. I didn't realize this until we were at the church about to open the font doors. I called the Sisters to bring the key, and they came right over. They arrived about 6:30. -- Now, it takes roughly an hour to fill up the font, normally. So, we had a problem. We quickly found the Member Custodial Closet and formed a bucket brigade. We managed to get the font ready by about 7:00/7:05 pm. Hurray for things working out.

So, I've been given an assignment from President Nattress. Granted, it's an assignment for all the missionaries. We are to spread the word about the Mission's website and other social media pages. Check them out! "Like" what there is to "like", and "Tweet" what there is to "Tweet". Enjoy!
That's it for this week. I hope this one makes it through better than last weeks. Until next week.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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