Saturday, August 30, 2014

8/18/14 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

This week was interesting. First we received news that the beginning of September President wants to send another companionship to Nacional 2. Meaning there will be 4 missionaries in the ward next change! The only problem is that means we needed to find an apartment for them to move into. and President wants the contract signed this week! Well, we spent all of last week looking, and we found one yesterday that President came and looked at and approved. Which just leaves the issues with the contract for this week. 
Which brings me to point number 2. Like Jordon, I had a realization about how much of an influence I've had here on the mission this week (although mine wasn't in the temple...) Anyway, Friday, when we were on our way to check a possible apartment, my companion points out to me there are people on the other corner calling me. When I look I see the Gonzalez Family and 3 other young women from the Juárez Ward. (you may remember the Gonzalez family from my E-mails last October/November. They got baptized the Saturday after I became secretary (see below). 
Well, they were all excited to see me. It was great to see them and find that they are still active in the ward. Decho, Manuel, the father, tells me he's now Ward Mission Leader! How cool is that! It made me think about all the people I've affected, and every time I see a member, they ask if I remember them (I did mention I'm right next to Juárez right? It's the next ward over) Anyway, we took [this] picture so we could remember. They also tell me I look like I've lost weight even though my waist is the same as it was when I left Juárez. 
Third event, Thursday was Zone Conference. President talked to us about having Unwavering Faith, and using it to have an effect on everyone we meet. He used the example of Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah. They were going about trying to destroy the church when an Angel appeared and told them to knock it off. The Angel also said it was [because of] the prayers of the people and Alma Sr. that he was there; showing us that by the use of faith, we can affect other people. A little further, the sons of Mosiah bring Alma to his father unconscious. Alma Sr. then proceeds to praise God and say how he prayed and fasted for something like this to happen. Showing again how our faith can help other people. then he exersizes his faith to pray and fast that his son will wake up. and he has the priests do the same! Showing how our faith can work together for miraculous effects. Wonderful lesson that we should all apply in our lives. and not doubt. Doubt kills faith.

That's all for now. Nos Vemos!

-Elder D Hill

PS: I found a scout store in the mission and might have made a few purchases today 

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