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8/25/14 - Jordon

Well, this week, doesn't really have much to report.
Things are going decently here in the Ward. We currently have two investigators who attend church with somewhat regularity. (Kevin and Arturo.) Kevin is on date for the 6th of September, and Arturo hasn't committed to a date yet. We asked him to counsel with the Lord for when he should be baptized, and, as I understand it, he said he'll give us his answer for when he wants to be baptized in our next lesson, which is tomorrow (Tuesday). We have high hopes for him.
The Ward Soccer activity on the 29th is getting a great following. Everyone is excited for it, and things are almost ready to actually have the activity. Food is taken care of, goals are in the process of being made, and we almost have what we need to draw out the field. (The activity is being held at the Stake Center, which has a big "back yard" for sports and stuff to be played.) We're going to get some non-permanent chalk/paint that can be washed away to use for drawing out the field. It's looking like it's going to be a wonderful event. We intend to share a spiritual thought, too. We can't let those non-members/less actives go away nu-nourished, now, can we?
So here's a little bit of what's been happening here in the mission. Next to the Gilbert Arizona Temple, there's a stake center. We've gone and turned that Stake Center into the "Reception Center" (virtually a Visitors' Center, but without the name). There are TVs showing videos, there are computers to show Family History, etc.

Something else that's happened is we've formed a mission choir. (Picture the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, then reduce the age of the members by several years and the vocal ability by about half, and you might have our choir.) Anyway, this choir is going to perform at the Reception Center every Thursday night starting this week. The point is in essence to bear out testimonies of Jesus Christ through song. It's something to bring people to, so they can feel the spirit. It won't just be us singing, either. There will be some speaking parts and a couple special musical numbers by a few select missionaries. This is gonna be good! I may only be in it for one performance, but I'm happy to contribute my talents how I can.
Well, thanks to Tyler, we found a small error with the "Other Ultimate Number". (I'm sure others of you probably noticed this, too, but Tyler was the only one to say anything.) Not to give away the secret, here are some fixed examples:
14 is 7, 7 is 5, and 5 is the "Other Ultimate Number".
16 is 9, 9 is 5, and 5 is the "Other Ultimate Number".
1 is 3, 3 is 4, 4 is 6, 6 is 4, and that's the "Other Infinite Loop!"
(I realize that more often than not, you get into the "Other Infinite Loop!")
8 is 4, 4 is 6, 6 is 4, and that's the "Other Infinite Loop!"
11 is 4, 4 is 6, 6 is 4, and that's the "Other Infinite Loop!"
100 is 4, 4 is 6, 6 is 4, and that's the "Other Infinite Loop!"
164 is 23, 23 is 10, 10 is 4, 4 is 6, 6 is 4, and that's the "Other Infinite Loop!"
...Interesting, most things lead to 4 (and 4 is 6, and 6 is 4, and that's the "Other Infinite Loop!".) Hehe.
That's about it for this email. I will see what I can do to ensure I, and my stuff, get home safe and sound. Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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