Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10/12 - DJ

Hi Everybody!

So, It's been a busy week here. First, I haven't seen snow since Utah! While the weather here is on the chilly side, It's still in the comfortable range most of the time. So awesome!
I'm starting to work better with my companions. It's a little different mechanic being in a triple companionship in the field as opposed to the MTC, but overall it's great. We have some investigators and several more less active members that we teach.  I'm not going to talk about everyone but here are a couple of people.
We teach one lady and her daughters.  She is a very sweet woman and has a deep love of the Lord.  Her daughters are usually in the lessons with us, and all 3 are scheduled to be baptized on the 22nd of December.  We have no doubt that the Mom is going to be baptized that day, but the daughters have been going through some things, and so we aren't as sure about them.
The other investigator we teach is a man with a Deep Baptist background.  He has several degrees, including a PhD, in Theology and similar topics.  He keeps and open mind, and we've enjoyed our lessons thus far.  Last Friday when we met with him he had a few more questions for us. They were some logical questions about the origin of the Book of Mormon and, unbeknownst to us, he thought that because of these questions we would decide to stop teaching him.  Instead we assured him that we will continue coming over and read all of Alma 32 with him.  It was an awesome lesson. The next morning we received an 11 page text (1 1/4 pages written in my notebook) on his reflections on the lesson. It was Fantastic! He had a spiritual breakthrough!  He then came to Church yesterday(Sunday) and he really enjoyed it. He said "Everything was centered on Christ. I don't understand why people say you aren't Christian," among other good comments.
On a different topic, we went to our ward's Christmas party. It was called "Back to Bethlehem" and they took the time to dress the gym up like old Bethlehem and had dinner, and a performance with several songs.  They also asked everyone to come dressed in period style clothing (or at least a towel and bathrobe) it was a blast!

That about sums up the highlights of this week. Adios!
-Elder Hill

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