Monday, December 24, 2012

12/24/12 - Jordon (Hey, look!  We got PICTURES!)

I'm sorry that my previous emails haven't been so informative. I just wanted the pictures to go with them.
Picture 1: The first day when we got to the apartment, I needed to use the restroom, but the door was locked. So we unlocked the door, and this is what I found inside.
Picture 2: Here they have an interesting system. Apparently, your trainer is considered your "father", and his trainer is your "grandfather", and so on. Your first area is considered where you were born. So, Elder Oscarson is my father, and I was born in Gilbert. Here we have a picture of all my living relatives. "Living" meaning Missionaries still in the mission. (Right to left. Excluding the elder in the white shirt on the right.) Great-grandfather Johnson (he's actually "dead" (not on his mission anymore), but came to the christmas party anyway.) Elder Wheler (Grandfather), Me, Elder Oscarson (Father, companion), Elder Nelson (Uncle), Elder Neiderhauser (Grandfather), Elder Leiner (Great-grandfather). Elder Oscarson had 2 trainers so I have to grandfathers.
Unfortunately, the library is closing right now for the holiday, so I don't have time to finish this, so I will continue to add things in the future.
Merry Christmas.

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