Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/3/12 - DJ

Hi everyone!

Ok so there's a lot to say. first I'm in a triple companionship again. my companions are Elder Jacobs and Elder Cash. They're the Zone leaders for the North Las Vegas Zone.  we have an English speaking area even though Elder Cash is also a Spanish speaking missionary.  It's been pretty crazy. It's hard to believe I've only been out here a week. My companions and I are staying in an apartment in the area we are assigned to. It's a pretty big area, and since Zone leaders help people move sometimes we have a truck to use for mission purposes. The weather here has been beautiful. I just wish it rained a little more often.  I guess I'll get that in Mexico City once I get there. I'm glad I'll be gone by summer. I'd boil!
The Vegas Trio - Elder Cash, DJ, & Elder Jacobs

Proof the I'm really in Las Vegas.

LV District plus Mission Presidency

Next news, I got me Visa! I (and several others waiting for their visas) went to the Spanish consulate last week and received our visas. so I'm here until my Mission president down there calls for me. which I'm told should be when the next transfer cycle is down there which would be the week after New Years; but we've seen how much my mission likes to stay according to plan so I guess I'll just wait and see.

That's about it. Adios
-Elder DJ Hill

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