Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10/12 - Jordon -

Hola familia, Cómo están?
I wanted to send you pictures this week, but I left my camera and card reader at home, again.:(
Life here is kinda crazy. Several of our investigators have been canceling appointments, and others aren't keeping commitments. But, overall everything is going well.
By the way, Mom, you shouldn't need to worry about me starving because we have dinner appointments practically every night. Here it's apparently considered rude if you don't get seconds. This has been a little difficult for me because these people apparently don't understand the concept of a serving. They also don't seem to hear me when I say a "little" more because they still give me another full plate. Oh, Well. 
Also, Mom, you should be proud of me. There have been several times where I've wanted to take picures of what I was eating to show you.
Dad: I'm sorry I didn't say this last week. Happy Birthday!!
I think that about covers it. If you want to send me letters and packages, the address I gave you last week should suffice.
Until next week,
-Elder Hill-

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