Saturday, December 22, 2012

12/17/12 -

Hi Everybody!

So this week was busy as always. here are some of the highlights: 

We had our mission Christmas party. It started with leadership training, hen a big lunch(more like Christmas dinner) and then a talent/variety show.  My district participated by performing the Hakka (a Polynesian tribal war dance done to psyche everyone up and strike fear into the hearts of the enemy).  That was fun. at the end Santa and Mrs. Clause came by and President Neider (the mission president) and his wife seem to have disappeared.  We all had a good time. 

           This is the Hakka.  That's me in the back with the
        purple tribal skirt.  Sorry it's blurry, but you get
     the idea.

I had a Miserably awesome day on Thursday.  I went on exchanges with some of the Spanish speaking elders so I could get in some more practice with the Language. it went from noon Thursday to noon Friday.  I was on bike, with a cold, and the day I'm riding a bike everywhere is the day it decides to rain in the desert. It's the only day of rain I've had here too. and the distances I was riding didn't make it better (and the person whose bike I was borrowing is about a foot shorter than I am so the bike was short too.) Now that I've done an excellent job at describing the "miserably" part, here's the "awesome".  I was able to teach in Spanish. I'm still a little surprised when I talk and the Latino people I talk to understand me. I mean my teachers back at the MTC understood me, but they also know English so they know what I'm trying to say. Some of the people we were talking to on Thursday don't speak much, if any, English, so that was pretty awesome. The other big thing was I got an added witness that day that God hears and answers prayers.  There were several times that day where I felt like I couldn't go any further, and so I would pray for strength enough to make it to where we were going; or sometimes my companions would get a bit ahead of me, and I would pray they find someone to talk to so they would stop and I could catch up.  Every one of those prayers was answered Immediately. Every single time I prayed for strength I felt the soreness in my legs disappear. I was always able to catch up to my companions. and we had several people on the street that they talked to when I had asked for it.  It was amazing to see that readily and immediately the blessings that come when you are trying to do the right thing and just take the time to ask God for help.

Our investigator Brian is Thinking about baptism.  He is a very Logically minded individual and  wants to make sure it's the right thing for him to do at this time.  All he's waiting for is a response from God about if the Gospel is true and if so, when should his baptism be.  We'll have to see what happens there.  Our other big investigator, Latanya, is ready as can be for Baptism, but she needs to start coming to church more often.  She's only made it there once.  She's willing and ready in all other areas, but she seems to be sick on Sunday's a lot. So we aren't sure about her baptismal date either. Oh well, so goes the work. We have others that we are teaching, but it's been pretty slow going with them at the moment. Everyone is busy with Christmas coming up, but that's ok, we are going to work extra hard this week to make sure we do everything we can.

That's about it for this week. Adios!
-Elder David Hill Jr.

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