Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/3/12 - Jordon

Hola Everyone.
Since my arrival, here are the series of events that followed:
Got off the plain.
Met the Mission Presidency and their wives.
Got luggage.
Went to work.
That's pretty much how it was. They took us to the mission home/office, we had some meetings with the office staff, checked out our bikes, and then we had an "OYM" (open your mouth) activity. This consisted of them giving us several copies of the Book of Mormon and sending us out into the nearby area to try some street contacting. It was hard. Although they don't call it missionary "work" for nothing. Even so, the mission field seems harder than I remember it beeing from my mini-mission. After the activity we were sent to members' houses for the night.
The next day we had a few more meetings, and then we met our companions. With my new companion, Elder Oscarson, I left for my new area and we started working right away. I still haven't finished unpacking!  Elder Oscarson is a great guy, and he's helping me out a lot. I'm starting to get this down now.
The mailing system for missionaries isn't so great. Mail sent to the mission home gets to me only after someone going to the mission home picks it up, which is not weekly. So, the better place to send it would be to my residence:
5332 East Baseline Rd. #1009
Mesa, AZ 85206
I still have more to write, so I'll send a letter.
I hope everyone is doing alright while we're gone. I love you all really much. Talk to you soon.
-Elder (Jordon) Hill-

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