Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/12/13 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

Well It`s been another week here in Mexico. Our baptism fell through. He ended up working late, and his phone died, so he couldn`t tell us. We`re hoping we can make it work for this week though. 
My first week as District Leader seems to have gone by normal. nobody in my district was assaulted or killed so I guess I`m starting on the right foot. (that`s a joke, laugh)
Something that was pretty cool is that we climbed up to the B.  It was a great view. It would have been better, but unfortunately there was a lot of polution that day. 

As a side note the pic below is of the new Mexico MTC (previously El Benemerito de las Amèricas) 
We aslo had a mission conference this last week. There was a lot of good things but the biggest was when President Hall talked about Loving one another because there has been problems in the mission merging the missionaries from the Northwest mission with those that changed missions from the West. President addressed this generically and specifically during the conference and admonished us to Love our companions, love out leaders, love the other missionaries and learn from them, and love all the people of Mexico.

That about covers it. Other than that it was business as usual.
Take care everyone!
-Elder D Hill

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