Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19/13 - Jordon

Well, this week doesn't have much to tell. Our investigators still aren't making it to church for some reason. We're trying to clear out all concerns they have but even those that have nothing to do on sunday still aren't coming for some reason. 
In brighter news, we have managed to add a few more people to our teaching pool. Each week we seem to be finding another person or two, and now our pool is substantially larger than it was when I got here. Unfortunately, I don't really have any cool missionary work stories this week.
However, transfer calls went out last night. Guess who gets to spend today packing. Yup, me. I have been told that I'm leaving my current area. My suspicions are that I'm getting moved to English for this next transfer. As I've stated in previous emails, there are currently 3 Elders in the mission that were called Spanish speaking: Myself, Elder Macfarlane, and Elder Clark. Elder Macfarlane is staying, and Elder Clark is leaving, however, he was called as Zone Leader, as well. Also, I did not receive a call asking me to train one of the new missionaries coming in, so I'm guessing I'm going English for a little bit. However, there are a couple missionaries who were called English, but natively speak Spanish. My thoughts are that I am possibly getting paired with one of them, and we're getting sent down to Florence to make preparations for a Spanish branch down there. (Currently there is no Spanish ward that covers that area.) We'll have to wait and see what happens. I'll let you know next week.
Last week (not this week), we received some unexpected visitors to our door. The first to show up to our door were a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses inviting people to come to a convention down in Tucson. We thanked them for the invitation and then invited them to take a few minutes and hear about the Book of Mormon. They attempted to counter by asking where "Mormon" appears in the Bible and were startled when we openly declared that it doesn't. We attempted to continue, but they said they had to go and walked away. That was kinda interesting.
A little later, a man came to the door, introduced himself, and asked us if we owned or rented the house. He was looking to sell us some extermination services (I think). We declined but talked a little with him, and he went on his way. I think he was a member.
After that one, we heard a knock at the door and wondered who it could be now. (We don't normally get any visitors to our door, so to get 3 in one day was quite rare.) I checked the peep hole. I saw a car parked out front, and in front of the door stood a man who seemed oddly familiar. I opened the door and my suspicions were confirmed. It was Brother Both! He motioned for Sister Both from the car. I asked them something to the effect of "What are you doing here?", and they responded that they were in the area and said that my mom had asked them to deliver something. I then saw in Sister Both's hands a bag containing a couple containers of cookies. It was a rather pleasent surprise. We really enjoyed the cookies. Thanks Mom. [The Boths, friends of ours, tell us he stood at the door with his mouth open, unable to say anything for a few minutes!]
So it's official! As of today, backpacks are no longer allowed. I got my satchel a while back. Attached are some pictures. As I expected, my shoulder was in a bit of pain with all the weight on one spot, so I did a little bit of modification and added a belt clip. My shoulder doesn't hurt so much any more.

So for about the last 15 weeks give or take a few. I have been working on a rather special project during my language studies. The results are also attached [4 pages of Spanish verse.  When translated, it is the Shakespearean Three Little Pigs he likes to perform.] Enjoy.
That's it for this week. Transfer news to be related next week.Talk to you then.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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