Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9/16/13 DJ
Hola Everyone!

So I Lied. We had a baptism this week! Her Name is Sara and she is the Girlfriend of one of the YSAs in the ward. when the ruling came down that our investigators needed to go to church 5 times she had already gone 3 sundays. So she was baptized and confirmed this weekend! Ivan (her boyfriend) performed the actual Baptism and he got it right on the first try!


Also I survived my First Mexican Independance Day! (¡VIVA MÉXICO!) It was crazy. President told us we had to be in the house by 6 so that we would be safe. There were Fireworks and shouting going on all night. We also had a short Flag Ceremony after church, so that was really cool too. (pics 3499, 3500, 3508) I got to see how it`s done here in Mexico, and it is different, but still with respect.

In other news Elder Millerberg, My Trainer, finished his mission today and is on his way Home. It makes me realize how long I`ve been here that my trainer is going home. on the plus side Elder Zamora (the other trainee of Elder Millerberg) is m zone leader so we can talk about him whenever. 

That's everything, hasta luego.

-Elder D Hill

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