Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9/7/13 DJ
Hola Everyone!

Well it´s September. I know it was last week too but this week it´s more obvious.  We have been having a ton of rain this last week. I don´t know if some tropical storm worked it´s way inland to us or what but it´s been crazy. Wednesday we had to go from the top of the hill to the bottom in pouring rain. what made it worse was that the staircases down the hill were more like watterfalls than stairs. That was fun. we made ti down the hill in about 5 minutes (usually it takes us about 10) and we were soaked. it took my shoes 3 days to dry out. (they are fine now). So it´s been fun here.
Also, President Hall has asked us to teach more using the pamphlets that go with each of the lessons, and leave a pamphlet with every person in the lesson. he told us that we have ordered thousands of pamphlets so that we should have enough to give a pamphlet to every person in Mexico. He also said that if we don´t have enough, he´s going to pay more in his tithing so that there will be no excuses.
What else, OH. I´m teaching English! Scary I know. no seriously. President Hall has said that those missionaries who don´t already speak English will learn it and will take a certification exam at the end of their mission and they WILL pass this exam.  So I´m teaching my companion English and the english speaking missionaries are giving practice tests every week in zone meetings to the other missionaries. So this will be fun!
In other news (Pay attention Jordon) we had to clean out our Area Book. for those that don´t know what that is it´s a book that the missionaries have so they can track what they have taught to whom, and ours had alot of old information that President instructed us to get rid of. So Elder Vazquez and I put it to good use (See attached Pictures). We are planning on using it on the 26th to celebrate 1 year in the mission (yes that is my nametag in the last picture, thats how big it is.)

That´s everything, Nos Vemos!

-Elder D Hill

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