Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9/23/13 DJ
Hola Everyone!

For those who have been watching the news, Mexico is being hit with devastating floods just about everywhere. I say just about because I´m just fine and nowhere in the mission is having flooding more than normal for this time of year (or so the members tell me) However there are a lot of Mexican missionaries who are worried for their families because they're from some of these areas.  We´re keeping them in our prayers.

We are still working hard, and we are working more with the members. We had a zone conference this week, and we were shown several videos that the church made this year for "The Work of Salvation." The videos are really good and show what the Lord wants for this work: that the members and the missionaries work together. That has always been the plan; it´s just a little hard for some people to see it. But we showed several of these videos to our ward mission leader, and he´s all for it. He´s going to show the videos to the Bishop Tuesday, and we´ll go from there. If you would like to see them too go to lds.org and search "Work of Salvation" (or if you would prefer Spanish, search "Obra de Salvación") 

In other news we climbed the next hill over today (It´s bigger than the hill of the "B" ) as a zone. Attached are some pictures from that.  Enjoy!

That covers everything. Changes are next week, so I´ll let you know what happens then.

Nos Vemos!
-Elder D Hill

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