Saturday, January 18, 2014

1-6-14 - Jordon
Well this week, like Elder Hill's, was kinda normal. There wasn't really any thing out of the ordinary. There are acouple things to tell though.
First, an interesting funny. Ever since I arrived in the area, I've been trying to get a time where we can meet with Bro. Kimball, ward mission leader, to talk in-depth about the ward mission plan. Yes, I mean since back in October. Well, we still haven't met with him, yet, and not from lack of trying. For one reason or another, everytime we set up a time to discuss it, something comes up. (He has to do something, we have a lesson or meeting that comes up at that time, etc.) Well, it happened again this past Saturday. He was going to have us over for dinner that evening. It would have been the perfect time to meet. However, again, something happened that we weren't able to meet. This leads me into the next thing I wanted to mention. Exchanges.
The District Leader is supposed to go on exchanges with each of the members of his district (excluding sisters, of course). Well, other than the Zone Leaders, I've only had Sisters in my district, up to this point. As of the last Transfer, we received another set of Elders into the Spanish Branch and into my district. So I get to go on exchanges with them. Well, guess when we scheduled our exchange for...Saturday. And, guess who left his! It wasn't my intention to miss the meeting with Bro. Kimball, it's what I felt prompted to do. It was interesting. Up to this point, I had never conducted an exchange . It was another first. Nor have I really ever liked exchanges. However, this one went ok. I actually enjoyed it. And, I realized something rather important. Apparently, my Spanish isn't quite as up to snuff as I thought it was.  hehe. We didn't have a whole ton of Spanish appointments, but for the ones we did have, there were a few times I got lost in the conversation.
Every time I meet with President Nattress, such as at Interviews this past Thursday, he keeps asking me how my Spanish is and if I miss Spanish work. My response back is usually "Creo que está bien" (I believe it's alright.) as well as saying that I'm ok with the English work for as long as the Lord needs me here.
Honestly, I don't think I'm ready to leave yet. I still have business that needs doing here. But, we'll see.
When I was in the Spanish Branch here in Gilbert, it was just me and my companion assigned there. Now there are 3 companionships working there, and it's interesting to see how it was split up, and I don't mean area-wise. One set of Sisters has my old phone, the other Sisters have my old car, and the Elders are currently living in my old house.  I find it quite humorous.
That's pretty much it. We have a couple visitors coming this next week: On Friday, Tracy Watson, the guy in charge of proselyting efforts, is coming to visit us and meet with all the leadership. He apparently does this for all the new missions. So, that will be fun.
Also, a very special guest will be coming on Saturday. Some guy named Elder Jeffrey R. Holland!  I'm super stoked for this. He's only my favorite appostle! He'll be speaking to a few of the missions up here, supposedly at the same time. I'm interested to see the building large enough to fit three missions worth of missionaries into it. More on this next week.
That's it for now. Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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