Saturday, January 18, 2014

This is a followup email I received from the mother of the young lady in Jordon's last letter.  Thought you should see it. - Jan

Dear Sister Hill-

When my son got his mission call, I started taking photos of all the missionaries I 
meet nationwide and send photos to their mom. This week we had the joy of having 
Elder Hill in our home for the third time (2nd for dinner). 

I want you to know what a fine young man and a fantastic missionary he is. The past 
couple of months have presented him with some very unique challenges: having a 
part-time companion, and now, having a companion that is highly ADHD. Elder Hill is 
kind, compassionate, patient, smiles easily, and shares the gospel well. 

This week, while the missionaries were here, my 12 year old daughter received a call 
requesting that she speak in church next Sunday. Our daughter has massive anxiety 
and the call put her into a panic attack. Elder Hill and Elder Jewkes stayed an 
extra hour and worked with her on an outline for her talk. They talked to her about 
the plan of salvation and about what her life might be like without the influence of
the Savior. And they gave her encouragement in the form of "if you get nervous, 
just look for us and we will do this". (See photo).
Thank you for raising such a stalwart young man. We enjoy having Elder Hill in 
our home!!

Karen Udall
Gilbert AZ

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