Thursday, October 25, 2012

From Jordon -

Hola, Familia.

There appears to be about a day's difference for Dear Elders.  They seem to come a day after they're sent.  I'm curious to know the travel time for other things.  My letters to you or your letters/packages to me.  And yes, the package did arrive.  It got here either Friday or Saturday.  Sour Skittles!!!  Yay!  Thank you, Mom.  I appreciate the list of birthdays and address book. Tambien.

Elder Louth is from Marriott-Slaterville, Utah.  He's going to the California Ventura, Spanish-speaking mission.  And his expected departure date is Nov. 26th, the day before mine!

My room is ont he second floor in 13M.  It's in the back of campus.  I'll send a picture of the map next week.  My district room/classroom is ont he 4th floor of 18M, one floor below Elder [DJ] Hill's classroom.  During our class time, they teach us a little bit of Spanish, a little about teaching, and then we teach and "investigator".  It's basically that the teachers (we have two of them) pretend to be investigators and we teach them.  Its kinda hard because we have to teach them in Spanish.  So, not only do we need to know the doctrine, we need to know the language as well.  But it's alright.  so long as we have the Spirit with us, we're fine.

Dad:  Yes, I get to read my leters as soon as I get them.  So, send them as often as you'd like.  Just keep in mind that I can't answer your questions until P-Day.  So, If you ask me a question on Friday, I can't answer until Thursday comes again.

I think I forgot to mention this last week, but last Tuesday, guess who came to speak to us for the evening devotional!  David A Bednar! [An apostle.]  I saw him in person!  I tried to go shake his hand, but security wouldn't let me.  I suspected as much, but it couldn't hurt to try. 

I like gym time, and last night was rather interesting.  Last night I went outside to the field to play futbol (soccer), and it was slippery.  For whatever reason, no one could stay on their feet...except me. : )  I don't think the grass was even that wet.  I do know the reason why I wasn't slipping.  My shoes have many little points on the bottom, providing more traction.  However, Elder Mitchell, of District E, has a different explanation.  He says that the reason I was the only one not slipping was that I had summoned the goblins of October to come and slick up the ground for everywhere I was not.  The problem Ihad is that my goblins were slipping up my own team as well.  They're mischievious that way.  Hopefully, they'll be more well-behaved tomorrow by only slipping up my opponents. : )

Yo pienso que este es todo.  I'll write more next week.

Nos vemas,

Con amor,

Elder J. Hill

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