Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From DJ -

OK, lots to talk about and only so much time to write.

first, Hi Everyone!
second, Everything is great. we had some crazy stuff happen in the last 48 hours.  first half of my district left for the Peru MTC yesterday morning. bringing our district down to 5 people. our sister district also went down to 5 people. last night our districts were merged. according to our Branch President this is the first time thats ever happened to him.  since there would have been 2 triple companionships companions were reassigned a little. I'm no longer in a trio. My new companion is now Elder Talmage (Not THE Elder Talmage and there seems to be some confusion if he's related or not to that Elder Talmage). so I'm up to my fourth companion since entering the MTC when most missionaries only have 1. It's Crazy.
ok there were some questions I've received in Dear Elders I'm going to answer here. I'm not listing the questions, You'll just have to guess what they are.
1) my schedule varies from day to day but it's basically as follows(this is  my thursday):

6:30 get up
7:00 personal study
8:10 breakfast
8:40 class
11:40 language study
12:50 lunch
1:35 additional study
2:10 prep for Gym
2:20 Gym Time
3:10 Prep for next activity
3:40 Additional Study
4:15 TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning - It's a computer program that helps you learn the language)
5:15 Daily Planning Session
5:45 Dinner
6:30 Class
9:30 Back in Residence
10:15 Quiet Time
10:30 Lights Out

That's what I mean by going non stop all day.

2) my class time consists of a couple of different things, not all of which are every time.
Language Instruction - this is what you;'d expect, it's being taught the language.
Coaching Missionary Study - this is working on the Language or Gospel knowledge or both. but it's time that the teacher can coach and help you individually or as companionships.
Progressing Investigator - we work with an "investigator" (that looks suspiciously like our teachers) it's effectively showing us what it'll be like in the field.
TRC - Training Resource Center - we go in and meet with a volunteer at the TRC (only in spanish) and we teach them. the volunteers are members, non-members, or members pretending to be non-members. it's fun
(I typically have TRC on Monday or Tuesday late afternoons so I don't think I'm going to be seeing Bro Blackhurst)
Companion Study - This is one is exactly as it sounds. what specifically is studied is based on the plans made my the companionship.

3) Elder Dow is going to Peru and Elder Lehikainen is going to Mexico Veracruz on their missions.  Elder Talmage is also going to Mexico Mexico City Northwest with me.

4) I get mail after Lunch (for regular letters) and after Dinner (for Dear Elders) if we have any time after the meals I can read it then otherwise it has to wait until there's time. also all letters sent via on the weekend come on Monday. I assume regular mail still comes on saturday though.

anyway I'm out of time. Adios!
-Elder Hill

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