Thursday, October 25, 2012


From Jordon -

I managed to track down Sister Hill. Although to get all of us together will be kinda hard since she left for the field on monday. sorry dad. She went to some island where they speak French and some language that starts with a "t" (I think, or maybe it was the Island that started with a "T")

But look what I found. another Elder Hill. He's English Speaking, not sure where he's going. Probably won't find out. I just happened to sit infront of him during the Fireside this past Sunday.

This is my district. No, Mom, My district has not been cut down. actually it grew since we started. (starting from the left) We have Hermana Wright, Hermana Spittler, Elder Berg, myself, Elder Louth, Hermana Rittenhouse, Elder Pinegar, Elder Grant, Hermana Lambert, and Elder Christensen. Hermana Rittenhouse joined us a week in. she was all set to go in to the field, but 2 days before she was supposed to leave, Her mission president decided to switch her from English speaking to spanish speaking. Interesting, no?

This is Hermana Spittler, Elder Spittler (her brother), myself, and Elder Hill (my brother). the funny thing was that we all reported the same day, and Elder Spittler and Elder Hill were in the same district, as well. My district has a Hill and a Spittler, (DJ's) district had a Hill and a Spittler. I use "had" because Elder Spittler got transfered to the Belize(?) MTC about a week ago.

And here's a tower of markers because I still have space. We found that we had a ton of markers so Elder Louth decided to stack them up in a tower.

I'm out of time for today. I'll right a letter with more.
I love you all.

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