Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/1 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

Well, my exciting news about transfers is that nothing is happening.  I´m staying in my area and Elder Butterfield is staying my companion.  The good part about this is that we can just keep going like we have been. The problem is that we still don´t have any baptisms lined up. But we don´t let that bother us, and we keep working as hard as we can.

In other news, we had a Mission-wide Dodgeball tournament this morning. (See attached pictures). The teams were each of the zones, and it was a little crazy. We didn´t win, but we didn´t come in last either (I don´t know exactly where, it was double elimination, and we played 3 times before some of the other teams played at all). We had ordered team shirts from a member, but his store was robbed Saturday, so we had to do something else. We ended up getting t-shirts from Wal-mart and decorating the backs.(see picture for mine) In my opinion, my shirt is way more awesome than the one we ordered was going to be.
                                                          My Shirt

                                                   My Zone (I'm in the back)

                                         Action!  That's me in the center.

Words of spiritual wisdom:
The Lord blesses you more and with greater force when you are looking for those blessings for the purpose of helping someone else instead of yourself. 

Take care everybody!
-Elder D Hill

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