Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/8 - DJ

Hola, Everyone!

Well, again not much new to report, except this last weekend was General Conference! and I watched, like, 5 minutes of it in Spanish! The American missionaries commandeered an extra room and changed to the English Conference, so I was able to understand everything. Something I thought was great was that the first 3 rows of the stake center were reserved for investigators. That was cool. The downside was that the investigators we invited skipped out at the last moment. Oh well, at least it meant I could watch in English. My favorite talk from conference was probably President Monson's talk on Obedience from Sunday Morning.  Particularly the story he used. (https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2013/04/obedience-brings-blessings?lang=eng) It could be applied to so many things. A lot of conference seemed to be directed to having peace and obedience. It seemed like everyone was being more direct this time.
To answer your questions before the general e-mail: Life in Mexico is normal I guess. The only thing new and exciting is that I ran a bilingual D&D game this morning.
Other than that it was pretty much the same as usual: searching and trying to teach people. Oh, new experience. I fell in a hole this week. not a big hole, but the lid flipped when I stepped on it. My foot fell in about 2 feet. I fell and rolled, but in the end was pretty much just dusty. I had a bump on my leg the rest of the day, but that was it.  Thank you to everyone praying for my safety, I´m sure the lack of injury from this experience was an answer to those prayers.

Take care everyone!
-Elder D. Hill

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