Monday, April 22, 2013

4/22/13 - DJ -

Hola Everyone!

Week this week was cool. For the most part it was business as usual. However we baptized Ramses´ sister, Yazmin, on Saturday, and We baptized his Parents, Graciela and Fidel, on Sunday and once his other sister and her husband(boyfriend) get married, they want to be baptized, too (they are the other 2 people in with his parents, Itzel and Edwin).  As it turns out, Edwin is the nephew of the stake primary president, so we are hoping to get her to come to the baptism once we have it. and maybe to help encourage them to get married. I´ll keep you posted.
  Yazmin (in white)

Itzel, Graciela (center white), Fidel (center white), and Edwin
(And us, of course)

I´m also beginning to understand that the Atonement isn´t just for receiving forgiveness of your sins, but is the only real way we can change ourselves for the better.

Take care everybody!
-Elder D Hill

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