Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/1 - Jordon

Hola familia. ¿Cómo están?(How Are You?) ¿Disfrutaron la Pascua?(Did you Enjoy Easter?) Happy Easter!
This week has been a bit of an adventure.
As you know, transfers were this week, and my new companion is Elder Harder. (Below) Last transfer, there were 2 companionships in my appartment, both spanish, and elder harder was in the other one. Well, for transfers my companion and his companion both left, and he and I were put together, staying in my area, and in Elder Harder's area were placed 2 Sister missionarys. One of which just joined us in the mission this past Wednesday, fresh from home. She lived in Mesa before, and her call said to report straight to the mission office, not the MTC. Interesting, don't you think? So while she and her trainer are trying to figure things out here, we're helping them out when they need it.
As for us, we've had an interesting time trying to figure out miles for the month. Each day we're supposed to track how many miles we drive, and then submit the report at the end of each month. Also, each area is assigned a monthly mile limit. Well, last transfer, I was in my car, then at transfers I got put in Elder Harder's car in my area and the sisters got my car in Elder Harder's area. So, we had to kinda "swap" the monthly count thus far. After that, Elder Turner needed our car to get some work done on it, so we were put into a third car for the time being. So, three cars to work into our monthly miles. I was kinda enjoying the math though.
As far as missionary work goes, things are going alright. We're doing our best to teach those we have, and are always trying to find more people to teach. We're in a bit of a rough patch for the moment, but the work moves forward. We've been finding people here and there who appear to be interested, and we're going to visit them again soon. We don't have anyone near baptism for the moment though; except for Claudia, she's been taught by the missionaries for a while and has a desire to be baptized, but she isn't married to her "husband" and the "husband" basicly says that if they didn't get married before having kids, why should they now? We've been trying to get in with them to talk with them both about it, but he works most of the time and is never there when we visit. Ugh!
This past Tuesday, We went to the Easter Pagent again. This time we took Daniella, the daughter of one of our investigators. She really enjoyed it. I took a few pictures, as well. 
Here's me with one of the guards. He let me use his sword for a moment.  I wish I could have kept it. Then afterward I went to take a picture with the captain of the guard and then Isaiah and one of the Pharasees (or at least I think it was a Pharasee). 

 They let me hold the whip. I was happy tonight. I love props! By the way, if you ever come to a point where you're worried about me, just remember: I have angels round about me. (picture 513)
Earlier that night after dinner, we were taking pictures with the Guzman family, and I found some sombreros. We had a bit of fun. The one on the horse is Elder Macfarlane, Elder Harder's companion from last transfer. 
Well, this week has definately been interesting. Before I go I'll share with you a small segment from a 2010 talk by Thomas S. Monson titled, "He is Risen!"
There was very little written of the boyhood of Jesus. I love the passage from Luke: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” And from the book of Acts, there is a short phrase concerning the Savior which has a world of meaning: “[He] went about doing good.”
 Let us do as the Savior did; continually doing good and striving to please our Heavenly Father.
Until, next week.
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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