Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/29/13 - DJ

Hola, Everybody!

So we didn´t baptize anyone new this last week, but we are all set to baptize the boyfriend of one of the daughters of that family this week. We may also be able to baptize Ramses Sister, Montse, this week. We have taught her a little in the past, but she wasn´t interested then. She just had a major upset in her life, though, and so is turning to God, and since half her family is already baptized she came to church this last Sunday to see her parents confirmations. So things are going good, and its great to see a family come together and change for the better in the Gospel

In other news my Nieto(grandson) got his mission call. Why is he my grandson? Because I´m his Abuelo(grandfather). OK - storytime. First, he is like the best YSA member in the stake. Second, his grandfather is named Hilberto (I´m not sure on the spelling) and everyone calls his grandfather Hill for short; and since my name is Hill, he´s been calling me Abuelo since he met me my first week in Mexico. So I call him Nieto (his real name is Alejandro Ceron) and he got his mission call to Guatelajara, Mexico, and he leaves on May 29. Its just way cool. 
                                                           Mi y mi Nieto

Thats pretty much it for new news. Have a great Week!
-Elder D. Hill

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